DyMechen Energies India Private Limited

Waste to Energy
DyMechen Energies offers innovative solutions and extensive waste collection and recycling energy. We are the upcoming global leaders when it comes to dealing with and recycling waste in terms of Consultation.
India's largest waste-to-energy facility in Andhra Pradesh
The waste-to-energy systems we have developed have given waste a value.
Waste as a Resource
The waste is treated in integrated systems and recycled as district heating, electricity, biogas, biofertilizer and materials. Different treatment methods are used depending on the nature of the waste so as to make it possible to use the waste as a resource.
Why in India

Waste-to-energy is a method ideally suited to waste that cannot be recycled in any other way. It is an efficient and environmentally safe method for recovering energy from waste, and provides both district heating and electricity in India.

India has extensive and efficient waste management systems in place and municipal waste in landfills is almost non-existent. About 99 per cent of all household waste is recycled as energy or materials. Presently Sweden is at the top in this area.

India recovers more energy from each tonne of waste than any other country. Our waste management systems are being developed continuously, and are the result of long-term, persevering work, in particular on the part of municipalities and their bodies or Organizations in cooperation with private players. It has required risk-taking to develop new technologies and taken courage to make large, but essential, investments in infrastructure.

DyMechen’s vision of ‘zero waste’ by 2025 permeates all levels of its waste management and the collection of source-separated food waste.

One of the key challenges in India is limited space. Therefore, DyMechen Energies has developed solutions that offer as little footprint as possible minimising land use while at the same time ensuring environmental protection and maximising energy output. The total site area equals 68 acres of land. Additionally a resilient operation is key to this project.

The innovative mega-project brings along high expectations and demands for excellence. The DTSS project has a great focus on technical excellence and environmental protection. The client seeks the highest energy efficiency, the best flue gas cleaning and an improved utilisation of the biogas. This is, inter alia, where DyMechen’s expertise brings value to the client.