Solar Energy

DyMechen Energies (India) Private Limited is one of the India’s competitive Independent Power Producers with a well-diversified renewable energy portfolio and beyond Imagination EPC Company which surpassed top most companies in terms of growth as well as credibility.​

Wind Energy

One logical way to address increasing energy demand and global warming concerns is sustainable, clean wind energy. DyMechen Energies has become  one of the companies in India which has been target oriented in Wind Energy as well for parallel competition as compared to Solar and Waste to Energy.

Waste to Energy

DyMechen manages more than 9 Waste-to-Energy facilities in the world to treat municipal solid waste within a short period of time while creating renewable energy the future Energy.

Solar Training Programmes

We offer the best Training Programmes for those job oriented youth who want their growth in this renewable sector basically in Solar Energy where we have different programmes such as designing and Installations, etc.  

Module Mounting Structures Manufacturing



As DyMechen are having vast experience due to which the experts in Manufacturing platform in Gasoline Industry and from fabrication background since many years we are also more into the manufacturing of Module Mounting Structures which comes in Aluminium, Steel and Iron with Galvanised or Coated. well, 

Energy Consultation

We provide renewable energy solutions to meet growing energy demands in PAN India and across the globe. Clean and efficient, renewable energy sources will power our world while restoring and sustaining our environment for future generations.
DyMechen Energies Consulting is building a brighter energy future today.



Offgrid Solar Rooftop Plant

Competitive Offer
89999 Per Kilowatt
  • Top Quality Solar Modules
  • Branded Off grid Inverter
  • Branded Batteries
  • Quality Module Mounting Structures
  • Other Accessories
  • Free Installation
  • Free Maintenance
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Ongrid Solar Rooftop Plant

Own Your Solar Rooftop Power at Just
50999 Per Kilowatt
  • Solar Modules
  • On grid Inverter
  • Module Mounting Structures
  • Other Accessories
  • Free Installation
  • Free Maintenance
  • Netmetering with Grid